• Healthy, Wealthy & Wise 5K

  • Nov 9th, 2014

    Big Rapids, Michigan

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A Day of Inspiration!

November , 2014   —   Big Rapids, MI

An innovative, smart 5K run where our focus is to Activate Patients, Promote Patient Education and help Improve Patient Experience. If you cannot run, you may walk, or just benefit yourself by attending the *FREE* Health and Wellness Seminar.

The Vision

Just giving a pamphlet, consulting patients for 15mins or a 30mins discharge instruction are not going to create a dent in healthcare costs. We need more involvement through the family and health caregivers. We need tangible, easy to remember touch-points that touch their entire life. With Vital Checklist Methodology, we want Patient Education at the Fingertips for everyone.

The Mission

iCrush 5K is a smart patient initiative from Vital Checklist. We want to start a movement where we can educate patients about various diseases and empower them with easy to remember health education via pictures, videos, mnemonics and checklists. We want to accomplish 3 Tasks With One Effort - The Healthy, Wealthy and Wise 5k.

The Goal

Everyone learns differently! Our goal is to provide constant and consistent exposure to healthcare education via iCrush T-Shirts, Communication Box, iCrush Mugs and other day to day items, so as to expose easy-to-memorize checklists and make you take better care of yourselves. We want to “flip the Clinic”, empower patients worldwide with checklists, pictures, videos and touch-points that prepare you for an appointment, help you better discuss your ailment with your doctor and better manage your condition.

The Healthy, Wealthy and Wise 5K

Healthy - By Walking/Running in 5k
Wealthy - By Saving Health Care dollars
Wise - By Providing Patient Education

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Learn how to stay Healthy, Wealthy & Wise from a visionary doctor!

Dr. Harpeet Singh MD

Dr. Harpreet Singh MD, FACP

Founder & C.E.O.  —  iCrush | Vital Checklist

There will be a 15 minutes (1 PM to 1:15 PM) iCrush Diabetes Seminar in which Dr. Singh will walk you through an easy way to learn the complications and symptoms of diabetes, as well as how to better prepare yourself for your follow up visits with your physician, ask meaningful questions to him and treat your condition more effectively.

Other Organizers:

Gail Wyatt

Gail Wyatt Realtor


Jill Evers

XC / T&F Coach

Kent City HS

Jeff Wilson

Director-Student Services

Kent City Jr/Sr High

Gagan Ahluwalia

C.O.O. & Creative Director

iCrush | Vital Checklist

Volunteer Advisors:

Dr. H. Paul Singh

CEO, West Michigan Cardiology

Dr. John R. Lobo

MD, Board Certified Urologist
Urology Surgeons, P.C.

Dr. Avantika Singh


Dr. Krishna A. Agarwal


Dr. Ankur Sinha


Arushi Devgan

Final Year Medical Student

Lena Chizek

Program Coordinator


iCrush 5K   —   November , 2014

Big Rapids, MI

What is iCrush 5k about?

iCrush 5K is a smart patient initiative from Vital Checklist. We want to start a movement where we can use 5k Runs/Walks as a medium to educate patients about various diseases. The most important components to empower patients are:

  1. Patient Education,
  2. Patient Activation &
  3. Patient Engagement.

Just giving a pamphlet or checking a box is not going to make patients empowered to ask questions. Seeing patients for 15 minutes in the clinic or 30 minutes during discharge from a hospital is not going to create a dent in healthcare costs. We need more involvement through the family and health caregivers. Everybody needs to be on the same page. To achieve this we need tangible touch-points and we are using the medium of a 5k Run/Walk. You or one of your loved ones might have a condition. To fight it you need an easy way to remember. That is the sole reason we have devised our innovative, easy to remember 'Vital' Checklists.

Pre-Party Sponsored by Vital Checklist

Packet Pick-up and Late Registration

15 minutes Free Diabetes Seminar

Dr. Harpreet Singh Founder & CEO

5K Race starts at the Muskegon Riverwalk Trail

Refreshments and Prizes provided by BiggBy

Go Home Watch iCrush Videos on www.iCrush.org

2014 proceeds benefit

Our Proud Sponsors

We are immensely thankful for your noble support!

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Calling all


Doing this event for the first time isn’t easy, and so we call out for Volunteers to come forward and help us for this event and enjoy the experience this unique cause and health awareness event.
What a better way to contribute!

We are currently accepting volunteers in Big Rapids, Muskegon, Grand Rapids, Traverse City, Kalamazoo and Ann Arbor.

Volunteer duties include: Race day packet pick-up, Race day registration, Course marshals, Water stations, Start/Finish line Awards, Raffle, Clean up.

To enroll as a volunteer, please send a mail to


Please fill in and bring along a duly signed copy of this waiver form for the event. Download Waiver form

Each volunteer receives an awesome volunteer T-Shirt, Food, a formal Certificate and their Name acknowledged (post-event) on the website along with race results.

Upcoming Seminars and Events

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Past Seminars and Events

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For any Speaking engagements with Dr. Singh,
please email Lena Chizek at lena@vitalchecklist.com

Videos for Patient Education

  • Dr. Harpreet Singh

    Tracking your Diabetes
    (iCrush) Diabetes Explaination

    Managing diabetes is a tedious process and requires in-depth knowledge of this disease. Dr.Harpreet Singh has developed iCrush Diabetes checklist that he has chunked for easy explanation and memorization for his patients. The consistent repetition at spaced intervals is the best way to improve patient education. These YouTube videos will help the patient to learn about the diabetes at self-paced intervals in stress free environment.

    Down the road, we are also planning to have these videos in different languages. Our hope is to improve and touch every patient in his or her own language.

    Read full story
  • Dr. Harpreet Singh

    Part 1 of 12
    Diabetes - Changing your Habits

    Dr. Harpreet Singh has adapted Charles Duhigg’s The Power of Habit loop to improve patient experience. He uses these principles with his real life patients to educate them and also teaches the same methodology in physician assistant schools and to in his coaching to medical students preparing to ace the Step 2 CS exam. He has tested this approach with his patients and received numerous testimonials, thank you notes, and patient experience letters. He is doing iCrush Wellness Seminars to educate patients. If you want to change the patient's routine you need to trigger their minds. In these 12 videos, he explains in a stepwise fashion about complications of diabetes.

    Read full story
  • Dr. Harpreet Singh

    for Patients Leaving Hospital    Part 1 of 2
    iCrush Multiple Sclerosis

    Dr. Harpreet Singh’s Vital Checklist Theory of Patient Experience (ViCTOPE) is blend of many theories, principles and rules. Adapted and modified to provide patient education at fingertips. He is indebted to industry leaders like Eliyahu Goldratt, Simon Sinek, Charles Duhigg, Dr.Atul Gawande, Steve Jobs, and many others for pointing new facts. Just ticking a box, meeting a benchmark is not akin to Patient Experience. Don’t be a pamphlet doctors… Change somebody’s life! Ready, Set and Let’s Crush Multiple Sclerosis. Watch this video and get empowered.

    Read full story

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Registration and Fees

iCrush 5K   —   November , 2014

Big Rapids, MI

Online with *Free* Tech T-Shirt

$20 — Individual

$18 — Students (<19), Seniors (62+), Teams (4-6 runners) all registered together

Early Mail-in Registration with *Free* Tech T-Shirt

$25 —Individual

$23 — Students (<19), Seniors (62+), Teams (4-6 runners) all registered together

Late Registration (after October 31st) Shirts will be on 1st come basis

$28 — On-spot registration for anyone.

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